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HEAR US NOW: Episode 1 Floris Niu

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Hear Us Now | Our stories | Our truth

Is a podcast about family violence survivors.

Often women who’ve made it through challenging times and against all odds prefer to keep their pain hidden, afraid of reopening old wounds and affecting reputations, especially in close knit communities. However, our wounds are our wisdom, and our stories need to be told.

It is a very difficult and sensitive topic, but we can no longer sweep domestic violence under the carpet. Otherwise, family harm becomes an intergenerational problem.

Through their personal lens, together with the gift of time, unconditional love and self-healing, our special guests share how they survived, how the moments of clarity gave them courage to change the direction of their lives, and those of their families and children.

We are honoured to hear their truth, their stories.


Our goal is to encourage women who experience family harm - of all ages, regardless of religion and background - to speak up and seek help. We also want the wider community to be aware of the suffering that often resides behind closed doors. We want to help provoke people from being bystanders to being everyday heroes – and give them the resources and tools to do so.

Women are worthy, talented, valued, beautiful, and their unique stories will no doubt make us think, shed a tear, and prompt us into action.

We hope that by sharing our authentic treasures we inspire those who may feel battered and unworthy to ask for help.

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