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Hey Coconut

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Hey Coconut

Up there, yes you

The one being climbed

So tall

But not oblivious to all

Born in the South Island, New Zealand

Raised in Samoa & Australia

To Samoan parents

A child of the Poly-nation migration

New Zealand born


Let me tell you about coconut shy

There’s a reason why

Hardened by the signals around

that says I can’t but try

Let me tell you about coconut shine

Because it’s mine

Busting through the flax ceiling

Into the light and what a sight

Every bit of the coconut not wasted

Producer of more than drinks, i’ve tasted

Exporter of much

Organic oils to the touch

An active seed to plant, water and grow


A plant zigging out of its lane

Exceeding distances, unstoppable!

This is your time

Standing on the shoulders of our forefathers

Redefining God’s gifts and talents

This is not the time to be coconut shy

But rise

Catch your why

Master a technological future prize

Hey Coconut up in the tree, a reminder to me.

There’s nothing you can’t weather

Tree of life

They climb, they crack

But nothing holds you back

Chill, I will

Coconut jam


© Marie Young, 2021

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