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Why is Hear Us Now #HUN striking a chord worldwide?

It's been a busy month since we launched the HearUsNow #HUN podcast. The same week we launched, I was really fortunate to be interviewed by Ma'a Sagala on Pacific Media Networks 531PI radio station. As a result I've been receiving anonymous feedback from women of all ages suffering from various abuse in toxic relationships. They are either coming out of or have never dealt with the shame and trauma for decades until now.

Thank you also to Pasefika Proud (part of the Ministry of Social Development) for also sharing our first episode. As a result we've received positive comments about tackling family violence head on and dragging it to the light. It's often a sensitive taboo subject that festers behind closed doors. Sadly most of the perpetrators are people we know and trust. And it's no respector of your zipcode , academic background or what colour your skin is.

I've had amazing women offering to volunteer to help with the cause. (I am still in the process of figuring this out as I write this blog) The only task I was occupied with was just trying to get the first recording out. It was becoming a burden until I released it.

I didn't expect a leader of community hubs and school volunteers to say that this is a problem that they deal with sadly all the time, especially with Maori and Pasifika kids as young as Primary School age. Right through to a grown adult Tiktok follower in America saying that after listening to our first episode that this is why I don't trust anyone, this is why I am my own man.

So far in a month, Hear Us Know podcast has been heard by people from different countries like Brazil, Saudi Arabia, India, UK, Germany, America, Canada, Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

Thank you Tagata Pasifika for sharing our first episode and for my colleagues for giving me great constructive feedback. The lesson that I have learnt this month is do the best you can then release it!

I ask myself, "why has it taken this long?" The most honest answer would be fear of what "people" would say.

To think that this has been sitting on my to do list for the last two or more years. I ask myself, "why has it taken this long?" The most honest answer would be fear of what "people" would say. This is one reason that tends to hold us back from whatever it is that God has put you on earth to do. As I stopped to really review who "people" were, I realised that, while my fears amplified the negative, I wasn't seeing the positive impact this story could have. It's very powerful when you start to really pay attention to your life and look honestly in your spiritual mirror. I thank God that he can use our collective stories to amplify a triumphant anthem that connects with many others around the world.

Let's break the generational cycle and if no one did it for you and me, how about we set it up for our younger generation?

Here's to YOU now #HUN (HearUsNow)


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